Upload once but deploy in all operator using Partner Portal

What is Partner Portal?

Partner portal is a web based portal where partners or content providers can upload the content and through some different reports they can check overall status of their service.

Why Partner Portal?

Partner portal can allow content provider to upload the content and monitor their service/s from one single point. Content provider may have same type of service in different operator. Through partner portal, they can upload the content to all the operator where their service is available. Without this portal, they would have to upload the content in every operator for every single service separately. They can also use this portal for uploading one single content in multiple services. For example, Content provider may have couple of services where one common content is playing. They can upload the content once and can offer it in different services.

Uses of Partner Portal (From CP point of View)

Different Content Provider (CP) design their service in a different way. Some CP design their service where only one type content will be played and that will be replaced (updated) with new content every day. For Example Prothom Alo designed their IVR service where only Breaking news will be played. This is just a one single file. If needed they can update their content 3-4 time during a day.

Some CP design their service where there are multiple segments. Each segment is called ‘Category’. Each category can have sub category. For example, there is a service which has Music contents. Service provider or Content Provider design the service in such a way where there are multiple categories like Bangla songs, Hindi Songs and English songs. In Bangla songs category, there are sub categories like Modern Bangla songs, Folk songs, Rabindra Sangeet etc.

Category is created to make browsing the service easier. Taste of user varies from one to another, based on their taste they can choose the category and enjoy the content.

Through Partner portal, CP can upload the content based on different category they created. If any particular category has multiple contents, they can upload one after another with different content name. Different operator has different audio format for content. If any CP has same service in multiple operator, they have to convert the format 1st then upload the content.

Setting up the environment for CP

This is a common portal for all the content providers or partners. Through this portal,every CP can upload and monitor only their service/s.

Account Creation

Administrator or the owner of the portal creates account for each CP.

Define Category

While creating a new account any CP, categories of their service where they will upload the content has to be defined as well. Following blank fields need to be filled up

•  Category Name – Will be name of the category which is defined service flow.
•  Parent ID- Should be Root
•  Prompt should be IVR
•  Pre-Prompt option can be used if there is a requirement to play any specific prompt before main prompt
•  Post-Prompt option can be used if there is a requirement to play any specific prompt after the main prompt
•  IVR-String should be IVR
•  Display Order should be 0
•  Status should be Active
•  Activation Date should be Current Date
•  Deactivation Date should be Future Date
•  Source should be Operators name and Master VSDP
•  CP Name should be name of the Content Provider

Define Role and Permission

Each CP can have multiple user, different role for different user can be defined. Based on their role, they execute specific task/s. For example, content team can have access only uploading the content, Marketing team can have access only reporting and top management can have full access of the portal.

Also, in a particular service, content for different category can be provided by different content provider. For example, there is a service name News Portal where 8 different types of categories are available, like ATN news, Channel I News, BBC News, Banglavision news etc. Content for each category is provided by different Content Provider, like ATN news content is provided by ATN News. Though it’s a same service, but category wise role can be defined and content provider can get the permission to accessparticular category only.

Once role is created, administrator can give permission to that Role for a specific task or can give full access.

Once account name and role is created, Administrator can assign a particular user for specific Role

Guideline to Upload Content

Account information like username and password is provided to the Content provider. With that username and password, user can login and access the portal.

Upload Single Content

If service has single content for single or multiple category,there are some simple steps need to be taken for uploading single content.

At first select ‘Change Existing Content’ option from Content tab. By selecting that option, it will give a user option to select the category which was previously created.

Then need to type a Category name. Then need to go to ‘Upload File’ option ‘Edit Content’ menu and Browse the content and upload desired content.

After content selection is done, need to select Activation and Deactivation Date. Content will be accessible from the Activation Date. And after Deactivation Date, content will not be accessible. After that need to click Change content button, content will be successfully uploaded. If there is any content playing before in this category, it will be replaced by new content.

Upload multiple contents under same category (Browsing contents)

There some services which has requirement to play multiple content in a same category. In other word, it is called ‘Browsing Content’. Ideal example can be Music service which can have multiple contents (songs) under same category say Folk Songs. Some simple steps are required to upload the multiple contents in a same category. Process is almost same like Uploading Single Content.

First select ‘Upload New Content’ option from Content tab, then select the category and from Add Content menu upload the file with Activation and deactivation date. In content name section, it is recommended to use numbers with the initials of the service, so that it will help search the contents in future. After all the process is done, need to click ‘Add new Content’ button. Content will be uploaded successfully. Similarly need to upload remaining contents in a same category one after another. Content should be in wav format.

Delete Contents

From Content tab, need to select change existing content option to delete content. Then select the Content Name which need to be deleted and click the delete button.

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