SMS Gateway FAQ

Which Logs do we need to check for troubleshooting SMS Gateway Issues?

1. DDMMYYYY-0000.txt

This log prints bind information and packet transactions. The following line is an example of a successful bind request.

9-8-2011 13:2:36|0|TranslatePDU|+INF: 00000000:80000009:SMSC

The following lines are example of bind failure for wrong entry of user account in “conf.ini” file.

9-8-2011 13:12:3|0|TranslatePDU|+INF: 0000000D:80000009:SMSC

2. DDMMYYYY-0001.txt

This log prints “heart beat” information after every span of heart beat delay (in sec) which is defined in 27th line of conf.ini file. For example, if the heart beat delay is configured as 20, this file will write several lines of information after every 20 seconds.

3. DDMMYYYY-0002.txt

This log prints the information about the SMS to be updated into “smsoutbox” table. For example, the following lines will be printed at the time of insertion of SMS into “smsoutbox”.

9-1-2011 2:0:12|2|UpdateOutContent|Message Found: Dear User, the keyword you sent is not correct. Please type correct keyword and send to 3678. [94]

4. DDMMYYYY-0003.txt

This log prints information of Submit SM. For example, the following line is an example of successful submission.

9-8-2011 13:14:39|3|SubmitSM|+OK: Submit SM Successful

The following line is an example of failed submission.

9-8-2011 13:14:39|3|SubmitSM|-ERR: Socket Closed..!!

5. DDMMYYYY-Receive.txt

This log is updated whenever any SMS is received and inserted into “smsinbox” table.

6. DDMMYYYY-Send.txt

This log is updated whenever any SMS is delivered to user from “smsoutbox” table.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

1. SMS is not delivered and from our side SMS is not received

Probable reason and resolution

The probable reason is Connectivity failed or bind failed. See log “DDMMYYYY-0000.txt” and take steps accordingly.

2. SMS is delivered but not found in “inbox”

Probable reason and resolution

The probable reason is database failure. See “DDMMYYYY-Receive.txt” log to find out the problem and take steps accordingly.

3. Application terminated

Probable reason and resolution

The probable reason is IIS may be down, or mysql may be down.

4. SMS is sent in smsoutbox, but message is delivered late or never delivered

Probable reason and resolution

The problem is in operator side, communicate with operator.

5. SMS status is failed

Probable reason and resolution

See reason code from SMPP protocol spec and take steps accordingly.

6. SMS status is QUE in smsoutbox for a long time

Probable reason and resolution

The probable reason is Application is down.

7. SMS not sent

Probable reason and resolution

One of the main reasons can be – SendSMS web service is wrongly configured.

You can check the smsoutbox table for the desired SMS. If you can find your SMS in the table then check the SMS Status. If the SMS Status is QUE with retry count more than 1, wait until SMS is in FAILED status. If the SMS is in FAILED status, you can see the reason code in the table. Then check SMPP Protocol specification document for the Reason Code description and solve accordingly. Mostly the Source or Destination Number formats are to be corrected.

If the SMS is not found in smsoutbox then you can be sure that SendSMS web service is not correctly configured (may be not with the active SMS GW).

8. CSV file cannot be uploaded

Probable reason and resolution

One reason can be the csv file is not correctly formatted.

Another reason may be the “CSV” folder in “smsgateway” folder has not write permission. Check the permission status and give permission to everyone for this folder.

9. For all the SMS – Invalid Keyword reply is generated

Probable reason and resolution

This may be for wrong combination of keyword and short code in database.

Check the “keyword” table first if the ShortCode and keyword pair is correct as expected.

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