Signaling Gatway FAQ

Q.1) Signaling GW Process automatically stop after starting and showing “sClient|InitSocket|Setting Init Parameter with result -1 and error 9” in log”.

Ans: run modprobe sctp from console. If you get error message”Address family not supported” then disable the following lines from /etc/modprobe.conf

#alias net-pf-10 off

#alias ipv6 off

#options ipv6 disable=1

Then Restart the server. Problem should be solved.

Q.2) Signaling GW thread terminating with “Error binding socket (p10994) at 536 of SocketFramework.cpp. Error Code: 98”.

Ans: check, is this SCTP port is using by another application? To show the port status run netstat |grep SCTP. If this port is used by another application then change the sctp local port from config.ini, if not then restart the server and run this application again.

Q.3) Link UP and Operator side also routed the short codes but call isn’t landing to signalngGW.

Ans: Cross check RC (Route Context) value with Operator Side.


Q.4) Showing“./signalinGW: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

when run SignalingGW Binary


Ans: install following package:

Then run the signalingGW Application .

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