Guide to Partner Portal Reports

Why Partner Portal Reports?

Partnerportal is developed to facilitate the service owner. Through this portal service owner will know overall status of their service like what is the sub base of the service, day wise total hits and revenue, node wise hits etc. Through this Partner portal, this type of reports are easily accessible and visible.Service owner needs to take different business decisions every now and then like when and how to promote their service, what type of content they should produce etc. This portal will facilitate them to take those decisions.

Impact of Reports

Since different types of reports which is available in this portal is generated in real time, it allows service owner to take important business decision in a quick time.

Login for Partner Portal Reports

Each partner or service owner get the unique login information (username and password).After successful login, they will get the portal access and check different repots. This login information can be created based on different role. For example, content team of any service can have access only uploading the content, whereas Top management can have access to see the different reports.

Reports Type

There are four types of reports. User can find these reports by clicking Reports tab.

Subscription Status Report

This is a very important report for the service owner if their service is under subscription. Through this report, they will know what their sub base, how many new registration or deregistration in a day. Whenever service owner is running a campaign or promoting their service, they need to know the response of the end user. With this report, they can always monitor the overall status and if required they can change their plan accordingly.

User has to first select the operator, and select his service and select the date. Upon selection, it will give five types of informations, first Total_due_now which means how many subscribers are due for renewal in a current day, and then Total_due_next_24_hr column will show how many are due for renewal in next 24 hours. Next column shows total registration in a current day and then next column shows total deregistration. Last columns show total Sub base of the service.

Subscription Attempt Report

In Subscription Status Report, it shows how many subscriber are due for renewal. In Subscription Attempt Report it shows the status of total renewal attempt. After selecting operator, service and date it will show how many (Numbers) attempts for renewal have taken and out of those how many are successful and how many are failed.

Revenue Report

This is the most important report that service owner can get through this portal. Service Owner can check the revenue of their service. Any specific service owner or content provider may have multiple services in a same platform. By selecting operator and service, they can check the revenue report for any of their service. Revenue can be generated for a specific day or it can be generated for day wise in a specific time period. It consists day wise total hits, total minute of usage (MOU), Subscription revenue and total revenue.

During any campaign or any promotion, service owner needs to know the impact of their activities. Since this report is generated in real time, through this report they can make instant decision to change their plan if necessary.

Node Log Report

When a call flow for any service, it has single or many category. Each category called ‘Node’. For example, one service has different categories, in 1st category National news will play, 2nd category International News content will play and in 3rd category Sports news content will. This is called Node 1, 2 and 3 respectively. While developing a call flow, best practice is defining a name for each Node.

This is a very important report. In revenue report, it shows total hits of the service. But Node Log report breaks it down among the nodes. This is very critical for service owner to know which category of their service people are listening most. Based on this report they can design their promotional plan and can concentrate which category they need work on in terms of improving the content quality.

From business point of view, it has huge impact. Often service owner designed their service in such a way where they outsource content for different category from different Content provider. When revenue need to be distributed among the content providers, this report play a huge role. Service owner can distribute revenue based on hits of each node or category. Service owner can download this report from the portal in excel format for further analysis.

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