Step by step guide to configure ETL Process

Pre Requisite of Deployment

  1. MSSQL – 2005 or higher
  2. Enable xp_cmdshell from Surface Area Configuration.
  3. .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

  1. ETL – should be executable
  2. Database

Directory Structure

Type Directory Location
ETL Databases D:ETL ETL Databases

Deployment Steps

  1. Place all package elements in one folder and copy that folder & deploy in defined directory structured folder
  2. Set full control permission for this folder
  3. Restore ETLDB.bak database in ETL Databases folder
  4. Execute ETLTool.exe from ETL folder
  5. For the first time have to give ETL DB information. Log In username & password in users table. Default login as user-‘admin’ and password-‘nopass’.
  6. Click login. Put server, db name, db username and db password for ETL DB.
  7. Configure Data Source Information and schedule information according to attached document.
  8. Create MSSQL job for ‘DoETL’ procedure which will run more or less 5 min interval.
  9. You can see all log of processes executed in Log link in application or ETLLog table in database.
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