Configuring Notification for Subscription Services

Configuring Notification for Subscription Services

Pre Reading

‘Integrating service with Subscription Renewal’ document

Notification for Subscription Services

Notification allows user to know their status of particular service. In different state like registering or deregistering service, user can be notified. Also if user register any subscription base service, they can be notified when they will be charged for renewal. This is a very important feature. Based on this feature user can make a plan accordingly like recharge their balance for renewal if they have low balance.

Configure Notification SMS

Different web services are developed for different types of notification. When user make an attempt for registration, web service for registration is called and it sends the notification. Similarly when user wants to deregister the service, web service for deregistration is called and sends the notification

Registration/Subscription Notification

Shape that is used for registration

Properties of Do Registration

Shape that is used for deregistration

When user register or subscribed any service, they get confirmation or notification SMS which inform them that they are subscribed or registered. For subscription base service, amount that is deducted from their balance can also be mentioned in notification SMS.

If user is successfully registered or subscribed, it returns ‘0’. Once result is 0, defined message is set to the user in a text form.


Like registration notification, user can be notified when they deregister or unsubscribe the service.

State Wise Notification

During subscription period, user can be in different state. For example, if any user subscribed any service for 7 days, so on 8th day user is entitled to be renewed. So user can get a notification on 7th day that they will renewed next day. This type of notification will help user to recharge their balance if they have low balance. Similarly, once renewed, user is in another state where they can get renewal confirmation notification. There is another state called ‘Grace Period’. This is state where user can enjoy the service for certain time period if they cannot be renewed because of insufficient balance. This state is not applicable for 1st time registration, only for renewal. For example, for weekly subscription, user supposed to be charged on 8th day for renewal, if user doesn’t have balance, system can allow user to enjoy the service as registered user for certain timesay 5 days. During this 5 days, whenever user have balance, he will be renewed and his state will be changed from Grace period to regular and they will get notification that they are renewed .

Like registration and deregistration notification, different web service is developed for before renewal notification

Location of this web service (URL) need to be mentioned in susbscriptiongroup table of Charging Gateway Database under RenewNotificationURLcolumn.

Sample URL-

For other state like after renewal notification, no web service need to be developed. Renewal Application take care this type of notification. Notification message is stored in a table name statewisemsg which is located in charging gateway database. When state is changed like when user is renewed, renewal application picks the message from statewisemsg table and sends it to user using the URL defined in the table.

Deregistration can be done from renewal application as well. In this case no web service development is required. For example, if user can not be renewed during grace period, user will be automatically deregistered, and renew application sends the notification to the user.

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