Configuring CMS for IVR Services

What is CMS

CMS or Content Management System is such a system which allows publishing the content. Through CMS content can be edited and modified as well. Content is information which provides valuefor an end user in specific subject matter. Content can be in various format like text, voice or video.


One of the main feature of CMS is to store and organize the content. Content provider develops contents for their service/s in different category. It is easy and convenient for CP to organize various types of content through CMS. As a result, from content publishing point of view, time to market is faster.

Configuring CMS

Content Provider can design their service in different way where single content can played in particular category or multiple contents can played in a same category. Also service can be designed where multiple content will be played randomly. While developing a call flow, different shapes are used to define mode of content. Like shape is used for playing a single content. Shape is used to play multiple contents under same category. In other word, it is called Browselist.

Different web services are used for configuring CMS.

Category is created to organize the content. One service can have different types of content. Like for News Service, there can be National news, International news and Sports news. It is convenient for content provider to create 3 different categories and develop contents accordingly and publish it. Category is also created for single type of content. In that case CP can keep updating the content whenever required without changing category name

Create category with Single Content

Let’s assume a service name ‘Newsservice’ which has only one category which is ‘Breaking News’ and it is playing a single content. Content Provider can update the content anytime, updated content will replace the old content. Here is the call flow

In playfile menu, name of the web service should be included along with Category ID. Let’s say for News service name of the web service is ‘Wrapper.php’ and the Category ID is ‘BreakingNews’

Web Service (Wrapper.php)

Create category with Multiple Content

Let’s assume a service name ‘Musicportal’ which has a categoryname ‘Song’ and it is playing Multiple contents let’s say 10. To browse the content, user needs to press 2 for next song, 1 for previous song, 3 for repeating the current song. Here is the call flow

In InstructionFile menu, there is an audio prompt which will instruct user about how to browse the content like 2 for next song 1 for previous song etc. Name of the web service is Wrapper.php and the category ID is ‘Song’

Web Service (Wrapper.php)

If formatis browselist, along with channel other inputs are also checked. Based on SortColumn and Sort Type, contents are picked and return the contents list. NoOfItem can be maximum 50.Output format: NoOfItem+ContentID+prompt.

Web service will return following output


Once category is created, category permission is given to the Content Provider through Partners Portal so that they upload category wise content

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