Call Handler FAQ

1. Common Problems and Troubleshooting

First of all take VSDP log for the test no.

There is Release Causes, if any problem occurs, first look into those and fix accordingly.

1.1. Contents/Promptsare NOT played

1.1.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

  • If there is, Error[ERRORCODE]: Opening fileFILENAMEin log, most probably Content is not uploaded in specific folder.
  • If there is, PLAY_DONE file…Event CTAERR_FUNCTION_NOT_AVAIL Value [0xD]There is file format mismatch.
  • If CMS returns NA or blank, in CMS DB there is no entry for content. For this, check the visio flow of service. From it, Category Name is found.In CMS_1_0 DB, check for Contents for specific Category in View_ContentList.For example,
    select*from View_ContentList where CategoryID=’BBCNews’First check ContentID (Content Table) exists for that CategoryID (Category Table). Then for the ContentID, there is an entry in ContentFormatVariation. For different format content, ContentID will be same.

    For example,

    select*from ContentFormatVariation where CententID=’16262BBCws10001′

    select*fromContentwhere ContentID=’16262BBCws10001′

    select*from Category where CategoryID=’BBCNews’

    If there is any mismatch, contents will not play.Right format file, right named file and DB entry should be corrected.

  • Check Config webserviceif proper configuration is there (for example, RequestSourceID is correct for operator wise)

1.2. All Calls getting disconnected at the beginning

1.2.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

  1. IIS Connectivity is down. Enable DebugContent in vsdp.ini and reload the configuration. Check logs in VSDP Application screen. If there are 4XX/5XX errors, restart IIS, then VSDP application also needs to be restarted.
  2. Database is down.

1.3. Call getting disconnected at the beginning

1.3.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

There can be multiple reasons and resolution is driven by reason.

  1. FlowManager is not returning the required VSDP Script. You can check this in the log. Make sure that the IVRMenu contains the Service. If the first step of the call flow is calling a webservice, check if that web service returns correctly or not.
  2. Fileformat of the prompt is wrong. You can also check this in the log file that Play File is getting error.
  3. Charging Fails. You can check this in the log and implement correct charging.

1.4. Call not established

1.4.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

  1. Application is down
  2. IIS response is taking time

1.5. Call hangs up after a certain point

1.5.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

  1. URL response at that point, there might an external url calling which take more than 4 sec

1.6. Call getting disconnected after a certain step or just after the welcome prompt

1.6.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

There can be multiple reasons and resolution is driven by reason.

  1. Check if prompt file format is correct for that step. You can get it in the log.
  2. Check if there is any web service call in that step or not. If it is a web service call, then check if the web service is returning correct value or not. You can get the return value of flowmanager in the log.
  3. Charging fails at that step. You can get this information in the log. Configure the correct charging to solve the problem.

1.7. All calls fail

1.7.1. Probable Reason & Resolution

There can be multiple reasons and resolution is driven by reason.

  1. Check if there is any log for StartSession, EndSession, Interim. This means CGW is enabled and some problems are occurring related to charging.
  2. CGW Application:
    Check CGW application whether it is off or not198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:18|StartSession|appid=VSDP&apppass=NOPASS&cmdid=AUTH_CALL&cmdparam=1742365519|16262|0|ZERO|19858159201194017|0|0|198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:18|Interim|Inside Interim198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:18|Interim|tick count value[0]

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:18|Interim|appid=VSDP&apppass=NOPASS&cmdid=REAUTH_CALL&cmdparam=1742365519|16262|0|ZERO|19858159201194017|1|0|

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|StartSession|Authe request returns NULL

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|DisconnectCall|Release Event sent

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|DisconnectCall|Channel[58]: from Function [handleIncomingCall]

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|bChHandler|[58]Call Released between 1742365519 and 16262

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|Interim|Interim request returns NULL

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|pollingthread|Check session return -1

    198|58|1742365519|16262||9-15-2011 9:40:19|DisconnectCall|Release Event sent

  3. Prepaid Interface Application:
    Check the mobile number, if it is prepaid or not.
    If CGW is running and mobile number is prepaid, then check Prepaid Interface Application is running or not.There is a sequence of restarting the application:
    If Prepaid Interface Application is off,o Run the run.bat for Prepaid Interface Application
    o First wait till Open options, then click on Listen
    o Restart CGW ApplicationFor testing, provisioned prepaid numbers call will fail or service that has charging for prepaid numbers.
  4. Out of Balance:
    Check balance of the mobile number.

1.8. All call fails but no log generated

1.8.1.Probable Reason & Resolution

There can be multiple reasons and resolution is driven by reason.

  1. Check Cross ponding SIP Server IP.
  2. Check if any additional line is inserted in VSDP.ini.
  3. Check the line sequence of VSDP.ini

1.9. Call connecting OK but OBD failed

There can be multiple reasons and resolution is driven by reason.

  1. Check whether callhandler is running with /nooutdial switch. If found callhandler is running with nooutdial then stop callhandler and start without nooutdial.
  2. If callhandler running properly then Check the flow for this OBD
  3. If everything is ok but still �OBD� failed then Check Outdial Que table and clean up data if list is above 200000
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