Voice Portal

Voice portal is the voice equivalent Web portal that can be accessed entirely by voice from any types of mobile or land phones. Ideally, any type of information, service, or entertainment could be accessed through a voice portal. A mobile user with a basic cellular telephone might dial in to a voice portal number and request information using voice or Touch tone keys and receive the requested information. Depending on the user’s needs, voice portals automate call routing to access information from a variety of sources (flat file, multidimensional databases and web page content, for example) or to live agents.


SSD-TECH’s Voice portal is an interactive Voice response based service that allows user to listen to updated information on news, sports, entertainment, infotainment services. Its also provide the flexibility of different types of charging and billings to the content provider & telco, so that they can monetize from this service.


DiGi Bangla Radio service is a dedicated voice portal service for the migrants Bangladeshi people in Malaysia. Using this service the users can listen daily Bangladeshi news, sports update, latest drama, jokes, horoscope, prayer time table & music all their very own language. As, most of them, do not have any internet connection and they are out of reach from any other entertainment solutions, DiGi Bangla Radio provides them then unique opportunity stay close to their home by listening latest news and other entertainment content.

Key Features

  • The portal available for a global both short code and STK menu
  • All the categories may have separate theme music that can be played at the beginning
  • The prompts can be recorded and played
  • No dependency on the access device; even low end mobile handsets can access the service
  • Voice portals talk to users in their local language
  • Reduced customer learning required for using voice services compared to Internet/SMS based services
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