Voice Chat

Voice Chat or IVR Voice Chat is a service that can be provide a direct interactive communication means to the subscriber, where they can chat with each other just using their basic mobile phone. To communicate using Voice Chat service, user do not need any data or internet connectivity.


IVR Voice chat application has two modes:
One To One chat : Here two users chat one through voice portal. The connection can happen both ways. User calls to voice portal number and can browse profiles of IVR Chat users and then send request for chat. If the other user is not connected to Voice Portal, voice portal makes and outgoing call to the other user and initiates the chat!


Group Chat/Conference ( Moderated or Operator based) : Here many people join a chat room just like in normal chat room in a website. Here a moderator approves any joining to chat room request. Moderator can block any non-parliamentarian chatter. Telephonic talk-show as well as public opinion could be generated and sampled using this kind of chat.


SSD-TECH’s Anonymous voice chat is an IVR based voice communication service enabling user to chat anonymously using normal mobile communication channel. The user can choose any friend after listening to his/ her prerecorded voice profile and chat to that friend. This service enables the users to communicate with unknown people, make new friends and gives the user the opportunity of social networking by using only his mobile phone.


Key Features

  • Ability to chat with different persons without disclosing the identity of the user
  • Friend list browsing, Categorized (Age/Sex) Browsing
  • Ability to login and chat to predefined CHAT Rooms
  • Chat among different connected users in a room
  • Automatic friend list maintaining and management by the system
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