According to the United Nations, more than 215 million people live outside their countries and over 700 million migrate within their countries to larger cities from their respective hometown. Migrant workers in urban areas and in foreign countries send money to their families in rural areas using expensive traditional remittance services. World Bank estimates that in 2012, US$406 billion was remitted cross-border to developing world through formal channels and this number will grow to US$ 534 billion by 2015.


Compared to the traditional remittance methods, Mobile Remittance is the future of remittance services as it is fast, convenient, secure, transparent and significantly less expensive. The mobile phones penetration has skyrocketed globally from 0.7 billion in 2000 to 6 billion in 2011, of which 4.6 billion are in developing countries. This extensive mobile penetration has helped low cost and convenient remittance services to become available in remote geographies without high investments in traditional infrastructure.


SSD-TECH has very strong & diversified portfolio of mobile remittances services in telecom-industry. Using ssd-tech’s service, Mobile subscribers in donor countries can transfer cash directly from their mobile phone to mobile wallet of their family and friends in the recipient country. This can be done either by directly debiting mobile phone account or by debiting a previously registered credit or debit card. It is a secure, fast, convenient and cheaper way of remitting cash than using traditional means.


Besides, ssd-tech’s direct Top Up enables subscriber to directly recharge their prepaid call credit and that of others from their mobile phone (or other electronic channels) without the use of vouchers. The system allows the subscribers to top-up their account using the easiest way for them to do so.


Success Story

Robi Mobile Remittance

Robi Mobile Remittance service, is the first Mobile Remittance service in Bangladesh. This service provides the flexibility of sending money to a Robi Subscribers from outside Bangladesh. This is an easy, convenient and secured way to receive foreign remittance. Selected retailers/distributors (RSP) of Robi will act as cash out points (accredited by the partner banks) from where the beneficiaries can withdraw their remittance in cash.Customers of any mobile operator can receive remittance service from Robi Service Partner (RSP) outlet and remittance recipients can get this service free of cost.


This service will give many benefits to the recipients as they will not require any bank account to receive remittance, they can receive the service at their locality and receive hard earned remittance free of cost.In order to collect remittance beneficiary needs to show and submit a photocopy of original identity document (National ID/passport/driving license) & transaction ID to the Robi Service Partner (RSP) outlet. Upon diligent verification RSP will payout the remitted amount to the beneficiary.


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