Mobile learning, or “mLearning”, offers modern ways to support learning process through mobile devices, such as handheld and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. It presents unique attributes compared to conventional e-learning: personal, portable, collaborative, interactive, contextual and situated, it emphasizes “just-in-time-learning” as instruction can be delivered anywhere and at anytime through it. Moreover, it is an aid to formal and informal learning and thus holds enormous potential to transform the delivery of education and training.

SSD-TECH’s mLearning service facilitates education service and sharing knowledge base in mobile network by using mobile phone as learning tool. This service can be provided by Audio Services accessed via a IVR, SMS services, WAP portal etc.

Key Features

  • Dialing in or access server through mobile for knowledge based information
  • Contents are provided in different categories
  • Lessons are organized based on the level of difficulty, advanced learning for experienced users
  • Educative WAP portal for dissemination of contents and related information

Success Story

BBC-Janala : mlearning managed service
The BBC World Service Trust launches BBC Janala, a pioneering technical achievement of ssd-tech, in Bangladesh. It is an IVR based service that provides daily three-minute English audio lessons via mobile phone to the millions of Bangladeshi mobile subscribers. By dialing “3000” any of these users can access hundreds of English language audio lessons and quizzes. Content is updated weekly and caters to all levels of experience with “Essential English” for beginners, “Pronunciation” for intermediaries and “Vocabulary in the News” for those more advanced.

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