Content Development for Mobile Channels

To provide variety on the IVR radio content, ssd-tech invented the Mobile Drama, bringing back one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the late 80s – Radio Drama on to the highly accessible mobile phone (IVR call). Through this innovative service, users can listen to their favorite drama stories, talk shows, jokes and other programs by calling a specific number.


SSD-TECH even helped source for the quality content that would go into these popular dramas, hiring famous artistes and storytellers to regale listeners with dramatic mobile phone action series that always ends with a cliffhanger and begs for continuation! Every drama consists of a few episodes, recorded at the studio and uploaded daily onto the system. Best of all, listeners can comment and interact with the shows, giving their opinion on how it could be improved. They can also repeat the shows, or choose to listen to it later.


Besides Mobile Drama, to ensure growth of local music industry and win the never ending fights with digital piracy, ssd-tech has started to produce music albums. Most of this songs will be available only on IVR Music radio for first few months and later may be in other mediums. By making them available exclusively only into the IVR radio, ssd-tech is ensuring that, the artist of that particular album is getting him or her proper revenue sharing. It also helping local young talented artist by providing a platform to reach the mass people.

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