System Integration among complex multi-vendor systems

Business Process Integration (BPI) is the synchronization of a company’s internal operations with those of its other divisions and its trading partners by connecting disparate systems in real-time. As enterprise customer’s demand more differentiated services, the market landscape for service providers has never been more competitive – or more complex. Seeking to differentiate their services and boost customer satisfaction, many MNCs have taken a “best-of-breed” approach to their network investments. By retaining the flexibility to add devices from multiple vendors, service providers have the freedom to innovate with the latest technology and introduce new capabilities, without being dependent on any single incumbent network vendor.


SSD-TECH provides, end-to-end multi-vendor system service for large MNCs around the globe. It has capability to working with different networking, service desk, ticketing and IT asset management service vendors and provide seamless integration support. It also has the capability of providing configuration, accounting, performance, security (FCAPS) functionality and examine critical operational considerations that affect its viability, cost-effectiveness, and ongoing sustainability.

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