Migration Consulting & Management

Data never stops growing and as business evolves, so do data storage requirement. In the past disk and tape choices may now be stretched thin by growing business and regulatory requirements. Larger amounts of data must now be archived for longer periods of time, and there is a high risk associated with storing large amounts of data to older, unsupported hardware and software. As that data ages, its value drops, pressuring to transfer it to more cost-effective disk or media. Data migration may be the solution, but assessing, planning, and executing a migration project requires significant time and expertise.


SSD-TECH’s data migration consulting services relieve enterprises from the burden, putting it in the capable hands of expert storage migration consultants who are ready to transform client current storage and data environment. From planning, execution, and remediation of data movement from one operating environment to another, or from one devise to another, ssd-tech has the right skilled people to handle it efficiently.

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