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Automated Outbound Dialing

Automated Outbound Dialer enables the user to run outbound dial campaigns. The idea is to generate automated calls to target contacts and deliver them voice messages. […] Read More

Key Features

  • Automated Outbound Calls to specific target group of contacts
  • Retry Management – every call can be retried up to a predefined no of times
  • Schedule Outbound Dials
  • Run Outbound Call Campaigns during a particular time of day only
  • Live Statistics of campaigns
  • Capture receiver response
  • Run survey on a target contact group

IVR Service Creation Tool

IVR Service Creation Tool enables to design different IVR Call flows from a web based GUI. No programming is required for basic call flows. The tool enables to connect with external applications over HTTP. […] Read More

Key Features

  • Easy-to-deploy IVR Tree via web based tool
  • Capable of uploading the same flow to multiple servers
  • Cable of drawing VISIO service flow from raw data
  • Various built-in shapes to draw the service flow
  • Setting different log levels
  • Call Flow Log generation for specific ANO

IVR – Call Handler

The Call Handler answers call, welcomes and greets callers, and fills them in with new information and available options, as well as takes messages and routes calls. It receives signal from SGW/MGW (or directly from G/MSC) and handle calls. Read More

Key Features

  • IVR – Call Handler
  • Support SIP
  • Support H223, H245
  • IUFP wrapping over media
  • Support codecs (G711, H263, AMR) as RTP media

SMS Service Creation Tool

SMS Service Creation Tool is a web based to tool define Push-Pull keywords for SMS services. It also enables to integrate with contents from different sources across the web using HTTP. […] Read More

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use GUI tool for SMS/USSD service creation
  • Defining shortcode, keyword, service, and sub-service
  • Assigning different TPS values for different services and shortcodes
  • Supports multilayer keyword mapping under a single short code
  • Capable of registering or forwarding requests to 3rd party applications

SMS Gateway

A Short Message Service (SMS) gateway, is a mechanism by which SMS messages are sent and received. SMS gateways are needed to get connected to operator Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) […] Read More

Key Features

  • Support SMPP
  • Has the ability to interface with multiple external interfaces to send and receive SMS
  • Can interface with multiple SMPP accounts and Multiple SMSC
  • Can schedule SMS Sending for different services, user accounts and subscriber base
  • Has a retry mechanism that clears the queue if any SMS push is pending
  • Includes throttling mechanism for SMS/Second per SMSC account

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Portal enables the users to send SMS to their respective groups in bulk. The portal supports management of contact groups and supports running communication campaigns on different contact groups. Bulk SMS Portal provides extensive reporting around the SMS campaigns to the users. Read More

Key Features

  • šBulk SMS sending
  • Loading SMS from templates
  • Group creation for bulk SMS sending
  • Automated/ time-bound SMS sending based on defined time slots
  • Capable of sending masked SMS

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) handles the management of the contents across devices and channels (IVR, SMS, Web and WAP). CMS Tracks and learns from the usage data and builds user preference that is utilized to position contents and services for the right audience. Read More

Key Features

  • Role and Permission Management for access control
  • Supports category wise content upload
  • Single platform for uploading content for all operators
  • Automatic encoding according to operators need
  • Support multiple content uploading same time

Charging and Billing System (CBS)

Authenticate a subscriber from Internal and External Source

Key Features

  • Own Subscriber DB
  • External Service from Operator (Prepaid/Postpaid Identification)
  • Operator Identification (for Mobile No Portability Scenario)
  • External Authentication Providers (Social Media Based Log In)

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