Onubha – Content & IP Services Gateway

The very first thing I do after waking up in the morning is looking at the mobile phone – I look for new emails, messages and social network updates and then only I get out of bed. If I am a bit late to wake up, I even reply some mails, make some calls and often attend some conference calls from home itself or on the way to work. I look at my kid – his school sends assignments and updates through their collaboration tools. They submit assignments online. He plays video games online with his friends. Home entertainment is also through online movies and music. Life for many of us is more or less like this.

Work life has also changed. We have distributed teams across different geographic locations. The storage, email systems, communication and collaboration tools have moved to the cloud across many devices.Our devices have also started going to the internet on their own. Our interactions with the devices have also changed and we have become more dependent on a system of connected devices. Internet is no longer just a network of connected PCs or Servers. The global communication network that we all call ‘internet’ has changed as an enabler of interactions with contents and services.


Onubha Content and IP Services Gateway is the aide to manage our communications needs in this changed context. Onubha considers communications infrastructure as a system to support the consumption of contents and services over IP network delivered across voice, sms, web and applications. It is a communications gateway for contents and services.

The core content and service delivery channels that Onubha handles are – Voice over IP, SMS, Web and Applications. Besides acting as the content and service delivery gateway, Onubha, at its core, looks out the security, routing and profiling of the content and services. Plus, it takes care of the infrastructure resource management e.g. bandwidth for users, devices and applications. In addition to IP, Onubha is also a prodigy to serve the mobile telecommunications environment through M3UA, BICC, SCCP, MAP and CAP Protocols.

Connectivity Gateway

Hardware: Onubha comes with its own purpose-built hardware with 6-Gigabit Ethernet Interface. The hardware is designed and built on top of Intel Processors and Motherboards with storage capacity ranging from 8GB to 2TB to facilitate the growing demand of content and service delivery and profiling […] Read More


Operating System originating from linux distribution is the customized operating system used by Onubha to bridge the conventional IT and Telecommunication Infrastructure. Onubha’s OS can be fully managed remotely through its web based management console. Static routing & standard IP and port-based firewall comes bundled as part of the operating system […] Read More


Bandwidth Controller: The Dynamic Routing components is designed to facilitate the dynamic IP routing to connect to the peer network using standard protocols like BGP (with full table), RIP, OSPF etc. It also offers VRRP that enables to setup a group of routers as a default gateway router for backup and redundancy purposes […] Read More


Bandwidth Profiler generates text logs from the DPA Engine that can be analyzed centrally through the Onubha Gateway Controller for generating network insights. The engine also generates real time visibility of network traffic through its web based GUI. Profiler can be integrated with 3rd Party Charging & Billing solutions to enable service providers offer differentiate services in the market based on contents, services and application usages […] Read More


Intelligent Firewall leverages the DPI learning with centralized subscription of application and site database. Onubha supports time-based and user/group-based rule setting. A real time rule-debugging tool is bundled as a part of the firewall that enables the administrator to re-align the rules in the complex multi-rule environment. The real-time firewall logging gives the user a visibility of attempted violations from different nodes as well […] Read More


VPN enables to connect remote networks using standard VPN protocols including PPTP VPN. Onubha can act as PPTP server and client can maintain its own user information. To make a more secure tunnel, GRE can easily be configured over IPSec to create a secure[…] Read More

Content & Service Application Place

Charging and Billing System (CBS) acts as the single sign-on provider for all marketplace applications and services. Its flexible rating, packaging and service bundling capacities help the telecom operator, ISPs and Aggregators to offer innovative price-package combinations to the market. CBS supports come with its own Scratch Card/Voucher Management and E Top-Up solution for payment collection. The high-capacity charging interface with mobile wallets enables most user-friendly payment mechanism for the contents and services. CBS supports payment collection from Debit/Credit Cards as well […] Read More


Gateway Controller helps to manage the network from a central point. It helps the administrators to view the utilization and state of the components and also allows them to configure from a central point. Trend analysis on utilization by different components are visible from gateway controller. Event driven alerts are generated to enable administrators to identify issues on time and manage them proactively. The bundled load tester helps to simulate network load scenario to check the performance of components
[…] Read More


Content Management System takes care of the management part of the contents and services across devices and channels (IVR, SMS, Web and WAP). CMS tracks the usage data and can learn the trending preferences of the users. The insights of the trends and preferences can be utilized to “position” the contents and services to the right audience. Subscription-based contents and services are also managed from the CMS
[…] Read More


Content & Service Market Place is a solution that approaches content and service delivery system from the perspective of a user’s buying journey. It facilitates the users to easily find contents and services of their choice and presents the entire catalog to the user from a single place. Content and service providers fulfill the ecosystem by providing and managing their own contents and services in this marketplace. This reduces the management cost of facilitating all the content and service providers to offer their contents and services to their users
[…] Read More

Content & Service Delivery Gateway

SMS Service Creation Tool is a web based to tool define Push-Pull keywords for SMS services. It also enables to integrate with contents from different sources across the web using HTTP. The service creation tool helps to configure masked SMS, default error SMS and many other standard SMS related services from the GUI. The tool also provides detail reporting […] Read More


SMS Gateway of Onubha connects the environment to Mobile Operators / SMS Hubs over SMPP or HTTP interfaces on one side; while on the other side, it enables applications and services to send and receive SMS for specific content and service delivery
[…] Read More


Bulk SMS Service can be added on top of Onubha Content and Service Gateway that enables the users to send SMS to their respective groups in bulk. The portal supports management of contact groups and supports running communication campaigns on different contact groups. Bulk SMS Portal provides extensive reporting around the SMS […] Read More

Voice Gateway

Softswitch (IP PBX) – Softswitch connects with telecommunication service provider to enable voice and video communication over SIP. Onubha works as a subscriber switch to manage internal subscribers as well as it connects with multiple telecom operator for better traffic management through flexible dial plan. Detail call detail records are available for […] Read More


Signaling Gateway – connects Onubha to the mobile telecommunication network over M3UA, ISUP/BICC, SCCP, CAP and MAP. On the application side, Signaling Gateway communicates through SIP and 3SM
[…] Read More


Automated Outbound Dialing – web application enables the user to run outbound dial campaigns. The idea is to generate automated calls to target contacts and deliver them voice messages. Automated Outbound Dial also help to reduce the time wasted for dialing and waiting for unanswered calls by human agents. The system also supports connecting […] Read More

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