Partnership Programs & Benifits

While remaining busy creating amazing and exciting contents all the time you probably missed the new telecommunication as a prospective channel for your fans and followers. Do you know that telecommunication channel has exceeded the consumption volume compared to any other channel in recent years? In most countries we have more Mobile Devices out in the market compared to the number of people who watch television or listen to radio station.


SSD-TECH provides a one stop solution for you to offer your contents and services over telecommunication channel right away. We have a registered user base of more than 3 million across South East Asia and Asia Pacific Region with more than 10 million unique visitors every month. If you are targeting people from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan and around then we are a good fit for you. We operate specifically for these segments of users.

Content & Service Partnership Programs

  • Registered Partner: You are a startup or just expanding to telecommunication channel for your content and services. Register with our Content and Service Partnership Program as a Registered Partner and start providing content and services.
  • Premium Partner: You are in the growth phase and already have content or services or both that you believe to create a lot of impact in the market. Premium Partnership program is designed to grow together and experience the market feedback. To become eligible for Premium Partnership either you have to a recognized content/service provider having significant customer base in conventional channels or you have to have a great idea that we also believe in.
  • Strategic Partner: You are an influencer in certain domain, genre or customer segment – Strategic Partnership is designed for you. We believe that our partnership will bring certain product and services in the market that will open up new opportunity for all and enhance consumption experience of the contents and services through telecommunication channel.

Partner Program at a glance

Registered Partner Premium Partner Strategic Partner
Eligibility Criteria Content Maturity None Established or in growth phase Established and Influencing
Partner Maturity None Established Influencer
Idea and Content Innovation None Track Record Authority/Influencer in the category
Top Line Yearly Revenue Opportunity Less than USD 400K Between USD 400K to USD 1million More than USD 1million
Partner Benefits Post Operator Revenue Share (Partner will receive/retain) 50% 65~70% 80~85%
Training Online Material Standard Training Sessions with Partner Team Custom Training Sessions with Partner Team
Service Development Consultancy None Available Available
Service Developed by ssd-tech None Against Charges Joint Project Delivery
Captive Channel Promotion None Occasional (Less than yearly 5 exposures) Active Participation and exposure during launching and Occasional exposure afterwards
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