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What do you do when you need to know something? For me, I search in the internet. I am sure it is now the natural reflex of many. Our current life is overloaded with myriad information sources around us. No doubt, this information overflow is a problem. For those who are in content and services business, this problem has an altogether different dimension. They have a diverse collection of attractive contents and services but still they are struggling to generate desired business volume out of it. It is very difficult to attract users to the contents and services even when we know that the user is looking for it. This is primarily because of the manageability and proper placement of the diverse set of contents and services. The telecommunication operators, ISPs and aggregators are also struggling to position their contents and services to their users probably. Continuous communication to the mass is often failing on the ground of value for spending.


The challenge becomes worse when thousands of content and service brands are launching more and more contents and services in the mobile and internet space everyday. Contents and services successful in their own spaces hint at the positive prospect from the demand side. So, the rise of new contents and services is also something not to be discouraged. On the other hand, throwing a barrage of contents to the users creates a bigger clutter and increases the partner management cost as well.


Onubha Content and Service Marketplace is a solution that approaches content and service delivery system from the perspective of a user’s buying journey. It facilitates the users to easily find contents and services of their choice and presents the entire catalog to the user from a single place. Content and service providers fulfill the ecosystem by providing and managing their own contents and services in this marketplace. This reduces the management cost of facilitating all the content and service providers to offer their contents and services to their users.


Onubha Content and Service Marketplace is the next generation of Service Delivery Platform. It enables content and service providers tomanage as well as offer their contents and services easily. Also, the users get an easy platform to interact with the contents and services – brining loyalty and profit for the content and service providers. Onubha Content and Service Marketplace is built on top of Onubha Content and Services Gateway to leverage the content and service creation and delivery.


Key features and benefits


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