Automated Outbound Dialing

Automated Outbound Dialer enables the user to run outbound dial campaigns. The idea is to generate automated calls to target contacts and deliver them voice messages. Automated Outbound Dial also help to reduce the time wasted for dialing and waiting for unanswered calls by human agents. The system also supports connecting the human agent upon the choice of receiver or call connection.

Salient Features

  • Automated Outbound Calls to specific target group of contacts
  • Retry Management – every call can be retried up to a predefined no of times
  • Schedule Outbound Dials
  • Run Outbound Call Campaigns during a particular time of day only
  • Live Statistics of campaigns
  • Capture receiver response
  • Run survey on a target contact group
  • Connect to Live Agent from the outbound call
  • Custom Call Flow for every campaign
  • Re-run campaigns
  • Run multiple campaigns in parallel
  • Global and Campaign wise Black List (Do not disturb list) and White List management
  • Campaign Reports
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