SMS Service Creation Tool

SMS Service Creation Tool is a web based to tool define Push-Pull keywords for SMS services. It also enables to integrate with contents from different sources across the web using HTTP. The service creation tool helps to configure masked SMS, default error SMS and many other standard SMS related services from the GUI. The tool also provides detail reporting on the services.

Salient features

  • Easy-to-use GUI tool for SMS/USSD service creation
  • Defining shortcode, keyword, service, and sub-service
  • Assigning different TPS values for different services and shortcodes
  • Supports multilayer keyword mapping under a single short code
  • Capable of registering or forwarding requests to 3rd party applications

Flow Tool:

  • A simple tool to create SMS/USSD services easily.
  • User inputs are maintained in a session and users can navigate through the Service Flow
  • Off the shelf flows: Voting, Quiz, Service Activation/Deactivation
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