SMS Gateway

A Short Message Service (SMS) gateway, is a mechanism by which SMS messages are sent and received. SMS gateways are needed to get connected to operator Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs).


Onubha SMS gateway module has the capability of sending and receiving SMS contents with Charging Integration.  Besides delivery and reception of SMS contents, it has the capability of being integrated with other Third Party Applications over HTTP and SMPP protocol. This SMS gateway works as a single point of sending SMS based services, SMS alert, Bulk SMS, Promotional SMS and so on. Moreover, it can be integrated with two other sub modules – Bulk SMS and SMS Service Creation Tool. So, it’s very easy to develop SMS contents on a GUI (Graphical User Interface) platform and deliver those in bulk.

Salient features

  • Support SMPP
  • Has the ability to interface with multiple external interfaces to send and receive SMS
  • Can interface with multiple SMPP accounts and Multiple SMSC
  • Can schedule SMS Sending  for different services, user accounts and subscriber base
  • Has a retry mechanism that clears the queue if any SMS push is pending
  • Includes throttling mechanism for SMS/Second per SMSC account
  • Has IP and Port wise Access Control for application connectivity
  • Support SNMP based alert notification
  • Records transaction information, which can be used to generate management reports
  • Automatically reconnects to SMSC whenever disconnected
  • Has an HTTP/SMPP Interface for sending SMS to 3rd Party Application
  • Can be interfaced with Charging Gateway to incorporate Multiple charging functionalities
  • MSISDN based log generation
  • Capacity
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