Gateway Controller

A Gateway Controller controls multiple Onubha Gateways. It shows the graphical visualization of the whole physical network along with link status, bandwidth, health etc. So, prompt actions can be taken in case any abnormal situation arises in your network. Besides, it can also pull generated logs individually from each Onubha gateway it controls. It can then generate detailed reports over longer periods for trend analysis. It is a necessary component to control the Onubha gateways you have in your network. And it in turn enables you to control your overall network.

Salient Features

  • Visualize, Analyse, and Manage the entire network from a single dashboard.
  • Graphical visualization of the whole network with live link status
  • Live Bandwidth utilization of each link
  • Capable of controlling multiple Onubha Gateways
  • Trend analysis through pulling logs from individual Onubha Gateways and generating corresponding reports
  • Report generation by interface
  • Multiple networks can be drawn (Like ISP Core, DO Wise Multiple Access Network)
  • Visualization of routing path by tracing any destination
  • Pinging destinations
  • Capable of measuring link bandwidth with load test tool
  • Monitoring Third Party device (Only Link UP/Down status, but can perform more surveillance upon reception of the HTTP interface to that device)
  • Application Monitoring like – BWP, BWC, Routing Module, IVR Gateway, SMSGW, SGW, CGW (Up/down Status)
  • Notification for Application being Up, Down and upon High Utilization
  • Notifying any group for Link Down, Recovery and High utilization through SMS and Email.
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