Charging and Billing System (CBS)

What it does?

Authenticate a subscriber from Internal and External Source

  • Own Subscriber DB
  • External Service from Operator (Prepaid/Postpaid Identification)
  • Operator Identification (for Mobile No Portability Scenario)
  • External Authentication Providers (Social Media Based Log In)

Charge Subscribers from

  • Prepaid/Postpaid System
  • Own Wallet (Own Voucher Wallet and Bonus/Service Wallets)
  • External Payment Processors e.g. Paypal, Payment Gateways, Loyalty Point Providers, Bango etc.
  • Pass bill to other subscriber or parent

Manage Flexible Rate Plans for any service across any Units

  • Service Units are configurable – SMS, Duration, Data Volume, No of Content etc anything can be service unit

Subscription Charging

  • Register/Deregister
  • Grace Period
  • Try & Buy
  • Win Back after deregistration due to charging failure
  • Fall Back to smaller plans

3rd Party Integration

  • Notify Services for Subscriber Status Changes

Solution Architecture


3rd Party Integrations

  • Registration
  • Deregistration
  • Refill Wallet
  • Offer Packs (10 Min News, 10 GB Data etc)
  • Charge Specific Amount
  • Content Charging (Web/WAP/RBT)
  • Notify 3rd Party Service
  • For change in Subscriber Status e.g. subscriber charging failed and deregistered from CBS
  • Authenticate/CheckRegistration

Integration with CMS

  • Charging & Billing System has the option to trigger web service for each service upon the following events
    • Registration
    • Change of State of User (e.g. Deregistration, Grace Period, Downgrade etc)
  • CMS has the option to map Content Category against each service
  • CMS has a content delivery engine that can deliver contents over SMS, OBD based on service vs content category mapping
  • To integrate Subscription Manager and CMS user is registered in CBS first and at the time of registration CMS Registration Service is called to register the subscriber in CMS
  • Subscriber gets renewed regularly via Subscription Manager and Content Delivery Engine Delivers Content regularly as independent systems
  • If subscriber is deregistered then Subscription Manager calls CMS deregistration service to deregister the user from CMS
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