Intelligent Firewall

Intelligent Firewall leverages the DPA learning with centralized subscription of application and site database. Onubha supports time-based and user/group-based rule setting. A real time rule-debugging tool is bundled as a part of the firewall that enables the administrator to re-align the rules in the complex multi-rule environment. The real-time firewall logging gives the user a visibility of attempted violations from different nodes as well.


Firewall module will provide a robust security to your network against all inside as well as outside intruders. Firewall module comes with a robust firewall engine supporting creation and assignment of up to as many as 500 rules. It offers utmost flexibility of creating and assigning rules based on source, destination, interface and even protocols.  Moreover, it provides exclusive feature of creation and assignment of time-bound firewall rules. With the Firewall module, it’s so simple to create time segments and associating rules to those. It’s a unique feature for carrying out time-bound access management and controlling. And of course, there is a pool of other functionalities, like group creation, prioritizing and many more.
With the pool of security functionalities, the Firewall module will ensure you the best security, access controlling and protection for your network. The best security tool protecting your network.




Salient Features

  • Rules based on source, destination, incoming and outgoing interface, protocol (TCP, UDP, SCTP)
  • Up to 500 rules support
  • Time-bound rule assignment and access controlling
  • Application Port (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP)
  • Multiple group creation based on source and destination
  • Setting priority among groups
  • Sophisticated debugging tool


  • Define policies and Forward/ Accept traffic accordingly for application, source IP/ interface, source/destination address, source user/group
  • Block unwanted applications like, applications posing security threats etc.
  • Block access to obvious non-work related sites, monitor questionable sites
  • Secures dynamic IP environments like Wi-Fi and instances where users share the endpoints
  • Reduced latency with simplified configuration supporting rapid network growth
  • Ensures ultimate personalization/ customization(Time-based rules, Access controlling)
  • Faster troubleshooting (real-time debugging and logging)
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