Callhandler (IVR)

The Call Handler answers call, welcomes and greets callers, and fills them in with new information and available options, as well as takes messages and routes calls. It receives signal from SGW/MGW (or directly from G/MSC) and handle calls. Call Handler answers a call, disconnect the call and perform some actions during the call depending on user activities. Call handler can play audio files while a call is connected, so that user listen some music, any types of pre-recorded content or prompts. It also has the functionality of recoding the conversation of a connected call.


Besides, the Call handler module can be integrated with two other submodules: Automated Outbound Dialer (OBD) and IVR Service Creation tool. So, you can develop and deploy Outbound and Inbound service flows in an easy VISIO tool equipped with various built-in service flow components.

Salient Features

  • Can connect to operator network over SS7, IP (SIP, BICC) and ISDN PRI
  • Segregation of Signaling and Media Handling Component
  • Basic Capabilities of Call Handling
  • Incoming Calls
  • Pre-screening of calls before answering (Reject invalid calls without answering)
  • Media Play before answering (RBT)
  • Outgoing Calls (OBD, Integration with 3rd Party Platform etc.)
  • Patch Call (Voice Chat, Integration with 3rd Party Platform etc.)
  • Media and Call Flow Capabilities
    • Play Files
    • Record Files
    • Browse File List in some predefined flow
    • Get User Input over DTMF
    • Patch 2 Calls Internally
    • Conferencing
    • Connect to Streaming Source
  • Service Capabilities
    • Service Routing based on ANO, BNO and Service ID (for OBD)
    • Service Provisioning for a limited no of users
  • Service Creation Environment
    • Web GUI Development Tool
    • Visio Based Tool
    • Integration with Web Service
  • Charging Capabilities
    • Session Based Differential Charging
    • Subscription/Event Based Charging (through web service integration)
  • Monitoring & Record Keeping
    • CDR Generation
    • Node Log
    • Call Activity Logging for specific MSISDN
    • SNMP Traps to Central OAM


  • UG 1000: 60 Concurrent Calls (30 Concurrent Calls/ License)
  • AS 2000: 1000 Concurrent Calls (30 Concurrent Calls/ License)
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