Bandwidth Profiler

Bandwidth profiler will depict your network in real-time with live and graphical network statistics. You can check the current status of your overall network utilization along with interface-wise/ user-wise bandwidth utilization. Besides, the bandwidth profiler will also generate detailed logs for detailed report generation over a longer period. These logs can also be exported in different formats. You can then import these logs and perform further analysis through specialized reporting tools. So, you can easily unravel important trends in your organization to take necessary actions.

Salient Features

  • Live network statistics of last 15 minutes
  • Log generation and exporting for detailed report generation
  • Able to communicate with 3rd party Charging Gateway
  • Capable of dropping/ redirecting packets after respective quota (Assigned data limit) is finished.
  • Capable of taking quota information from Charging Gateway


  • Gain full visibility of application, subscriber, and network topology traffic
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting
  • In some cases, it could help in detecting fraud/ network attacks/ anomalies by identifying excess bandwidth consumption patterns
  • Reports could act as a means to verify if you are getting worth for your money for, from your Service Provider.
  • Find out the most data-consuming websites/ sources and take necessary actions accordingly
  • Billing/ Data Usage management through integration with specialized charging solutions
  • Generate detailed reports over longer time range through specialized reporting tool
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