Bandwidth Controller

The Bandwidth Controller equips you with extensive bandwidth management features. It comes with numerous customizable options. So, you are at the complete power of customizing the bandwidth allotment and usage of your network and manage them further. Apart from traditional functionalities like setting individual/ group bandwidth limits, you can also implement time-bound bandwidth assignments. Besides, you can also set utilization limits in percentages to reference values. It is of special importance as these reference values are not fixed and are subject to frequent changes.


So, if you want to have the full control on your network bandwidth, Bandwidth controller module will be the best tool for you.



Salient Features

  • Set Upload/ Download Limit – Individual and Group wise
  • Prioritize critical users and groups
  • Committed bandwidth for critical users
  • Rule-creation for auto assignment of idle bandwidth to other users
  • Set Bandwidth limit in percentages to reference values
  • Create time-segments and time-bound Bandwidth controlling
  • Site-wise Bandwidth management
  • Create and Syncing website groups (Social media, news sites etc)


  • Control costs by managing bandwidth congestion, bandwidth abuse and fair use
  • Supports optimal use of bandwidth with visibility into bandwidth usage
  • Optimal use of idle bandwidth in an automated way
  • Enhanced productivity with Web Filtering ( site-wise BW allocation)


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