Voice Log


šMAC binding with IP

šBridging Interfaces/ sub-interfaces

šVLAN Tagging (802.1Q)

šStatic Routing

šStatic NAT – Port and IP based mapping

šDynamic NAT – Capable of excluding individual or a group of destination or source IPs

šRules based on source, destination, incoming and outgoing interface, protocol (TCP, UDP, SCTP)



šNo additional routing module needed in case of basic IP based routing (like IVR, SMS GW etc)

šNo specialized firewall needed for basic network security

šConfiguring hosts dynamically (DHCP)

šCreating Virtual LANs other than rearranging the physical connectivity of the devices

šCreate a safe guest network (VLAN) that separates guest users’ traffic from company network assets

šRestrict access to highly sensitive data by separating financial and HR employees, for example,  from the rest of the network

šEasy log-in management, authentication etc.

šAdditional layer of security by making the original source and destination addresses hidden, exclusion individual or a group of destination of source IPs




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