Robi Bazar


Robi wanted to build an e-marketplace and classified platform to connect buyers and sellers who wished to trade just about anything, online. In a way, it was something akin to the celebrated eBay concept except that it had to be more mobile centric as most Bangladeshis have mobile phones. How would Robi, a first-rate telecom operator in Bangladesh, extend their services further and make this value added online marketplace a reality?


SSD-­TECH proposed of Robi Bazar – a Web, WAP, SMS and IVR based virtual platform that would enable buyers and sellers to exchange information on salable products and services via their mobile phones.

The common zone for product/service introductions was the online website, where Robi subscribers could post classified ads for their products and services. The service short code was 8484, and some of its unique features included the ability to:

  • connect desired buyer/seller anonymously
  • click to call
  • dial directly using ID
  • get Shop Alert

Through Robi Bazar, ssd-tech provided Robi’s postpaid and prepaid customers a handy new way to trade over mobile, website and smart phone apps. This real­‐time online archive of classified advertisements allowed sellers and buyers to respectively publish and see information on goods and services – from anywhere, anytime. Viewers could browse through the items and services available online or via the mobile app as well.



Robi Bazar was designed to be a very personalized service for Robi’s postpaid and prepaid customers and to support multiple channels. Key benefits and technologies delivered include the following:

  • Website Design & Development
    SSD-TECH would design and develop a customized Content Management System (CMS) to enable classified viewing, browsing, and searching extensively. Sellers could register themselves on the site and create their own storefront to sell items. Buyers would also be able to buy and pay for their goods/services online using this service.
  • WAP Site Development
    A customized WAP site would be developed to allow users to access the service via any basic mobile phone connected to the Internet. The site would be optimized for different types of mobile handsets.
  • SMS & IVR Integration
    Integrated via SMS and IVR, users would be able to register themselves as sellers, post items, search for items, or purchase goods/services through their mobile phones.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    Robi would act as a payment service provider to enable online trade and payment.
  • Facebook App Development
    This would allow users to register, browse, search for items, post classified ads or even buy items on Facebook using the app.
  • Smart Phone App Development
    The same services were made accessible real‐time via Android, iPhone and iPad apps as well.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Key Word Analysis
    The website would be optimized according to the Google Web Optimization Guideline. Implementation of proper SEO would make the site more readable by the search engine, as well as by users. The site would also have better page ranking on the Google Organic search result.
  • Mobile, Online & Social Media Marketing
    No website is an island onto itself, hence a good deal of digital marketing effort went into popularizing the Robi Bazar service among its subscribers, and attracting new adopters on board. SMS blasting, Google Advertisements, Facebook campaigns and e-mail marketing activities were designed and developed to achieve this purpose.


Covering a major market share in the Chittagong Division, Robi Bazar now facilitates millions of Robi users to trade online and via multiple accessible channels. The process is simple and easy‐going – subscribers of the service do not need to deal with “rocket science” to use it! And this is what separates ssd-tech’s services from many of its competitors – making complex technological processes pretty simple and user-friendly.

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