Mobile Advertisement for P2P Topup


Robi had a service where its users could transfer balance to another Robi mobile phone user(s) whenever required. Any of its users that were low in credit could also request for top up from someone with more than enough balance! This service was made available to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, and all the user had to do was to dial the short code 1212, type the amount and then send it to 1212, followed by (the recipient’s number).


Sedania BD Ltd. was providing this P2P balance transfer service to Robi. The challenge was: How could they communicate to their current subscribers that a super convenient new service was readily available. This mobile advertisement approach had to be targeted, time-efficient, user friendly, and should promote quick customer feedback.


SSD-TECH proposed its existing mobile advertisement platform as a service model to provide Out Bound Dialing (OBD).

Voice OBD lets clients deliver advertisement voice calls directly to a targeted audience delivering pre-recorded messages in a user friendly way. Used widely to welcome new customers onto the network or, in this case, promote new services, Out Bound Dialing is an advanced technology that allows an enterprise to communicate with thousands of people with a single message upload at no cost to the consumer.


The highlights of ssd-tech’s proposed OBD platform solution include:

  • The power to quickly prepare highly targeted pre-recorded marketing campaigns and execute cost-effectively in the mobile media
  • No need to have clients own platform
  • Support for voice blast feature which sends pre-recorded messages to thousands of mobile phones from a targeted dialing list
  • Easy message recording and scheduling (not cost-intensive like many ATL marketing campaigns!)
  • Allows for more accurate consumer profiling and targeting
  • Highly measurable: Comes with end-to-end reporting and analytics
  • Integrated browsing/messaging mechanics
  • Instant feedback from customer, and therefore higher customer satisfaction


Sedania BD Ltd. provided ssd-tech with a list of contact number of the subscribers and OBD prompt. For every successful dial out, ssd-tech was paid BDT 0.15.

SSD-TECH already had a mobile advertisement platform in Robi which it could utilize to broadcast the announcement of Robi’s latest P2P Balance Transfer service. SSD-TECH developed a call flow for OBD involving 3 steps:

  • Dial short code
  • Play-out content
  • Disconnect call

For reporting purposes, ssd-tech further developed a Web Panel for OBD where we set the following fields:

  • Operator
  • Service (OBD) flow
  • Prompt
  • Source number (1212)
  • OBD start time
  • Destination/recipient number (provided by Sedania)

Once this was done, ssd-tech proceeded to blast out the OBDs. Within a week, ssd-tech provided over 2 million OBD’s. By developing a seamless platform for Robi in cooperation with Sedania BD Ltd., ssd-tech helped make it possible for Bangladeshi mobile users everywhere to share phone credits.


The P2P Balance Transfer service enabled Robi to offer its customers the opportunity to continue talking on and on even if they had less than Tk. 1 balance! It was a truly practical service which many Bangladeshis would appreciate and avail only if communicated properly. By promoting the new service through OBD, more subscribers of Robi found out about the service and kept on communicating, unhindered. This added to increased revenue for Robi and ceaseless communication for thousands of Bangladeshis across the nation.

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