BAT Service Desk DWH & BO Reporting


With a combined history of over 100 years in Malaysia going back to 1912, British American Tobacco (BAT) prides itself with leading edge technology and efficient systems and processes employed in all aspects of its business activities. Its comprehensive distribution network spans the length and breadth of Malaysia to enable nation-wide distribution of famous tobacco brands.


As such, BAT was looking for an integrated reporting environment that could provide their organization the flexibility to generate standard & ad hoc reports tailored to their requirements. This would help enhance decision making by ensuring all districts and divisions will be able to access the same data reports designed to common standards and to incorporate the most relevant data.


With proven expertise to deliver integrated reporting platforms for medium to large corporations, ssd-tech was employed to help BAT develop a BO reporting platform.

The company would be in charge of preparing the ETL, Data Warehouse and BO Environment to enable its selected staff and users to prepare ad hoc reports whenever necessary. For the ETL process, .Net framework version 3.0 was required. The project would cover:

  • IT Services Report
  • End Market KPI Report
  • Service Desk Operations
  • Operational Report by Resolver Group
  • Operational Report by End Market
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

Designed and developed by ssd-tech, here’s how the BO reporting process would work:

  • The Data Source would be provided by BAT. ETL Process would upload the data onto the Data Warehouse.
  • The BO Universe would be based on the Data Warehouse.
  • From the Universe’s pre-agreed formatted reports, datasheets and dashboards would be provided. Users can also create their own customized reports from the Universe.


In order to develop the Reporting Portal, Service Desk Reporting, Slicing & Dicing and Delivery Engine which would be used by BAT staff to generate their reports, ssd-tech’s key deliverables included:

Development of Reporting Portal which consists of the following:-

  • Access Control Management
    • User authentication will be ensured by the portal
    • Certain users will be allowed to view certain reports
    • Portal will support any number of users irrespective of BO license
  • Master Data Management
    • Master data can be updated via portal
    • Master data will be updated via some approval process. Only after approval would the master data become active
  • Input customization based on the different class of users
    • Certain users would be allowed to see the reports for certain inputs of the following:
      • Resolver Group
      • End Market
      • Country
      • Location
      • Service Line
    • A friendly selection criteria will be displayed as per the consent of BAT
  • Development of Service Desk Reporting
  • Development of Delivery Engine
  • Development of Slicing & Dicing


From delivery of the entire work scope (within 51 days) to post live support, ssd-tech has successfully delivered a BO architecture that substantially meets BAT’s extensive reporting requirements. This essentially gives BAT staff the power to utilize standard reports across districts and divisions and create custom reports containing the actionable insights and data required to make strategic business decisions.

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