Report Designer

Report Designer is a web based reporting tool that provides a visual design environment to create sophisticated and rich reports easily. It is geared towards experienced and advanced users who are familiar with the concepts and data sources used. With high performance at low memory consumption, the report processing can scale from small footprint embedded scenarios to large-scale enterprise reporting scenarios. Reporting integrates perfectly with the BI Server and allows you to share reports with co-workers and peers.


Ferret’s Report design tools can transform all the available data into meaningful information, tailored as per the requirements of the audience. It can create pixel-perfect reports from any provided data and can create reports in different formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV. These computer-generated reports easily refine data from various sources into a human readable form.

Key Features

  • Interactive Report Designer
  • Works with MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite
  • Produces Criteria Entry Screens and Report Menu
  • Can produce graphs and database graphics
  • Groups to organize output with headers and trailers
  • Supports HTML, PDF, CSV reporting format
  • All reports can be download in Excel & CSV format
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