Middleware Integration and ETL

Data integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution encompasses discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources. On the other hand, ETL process to extract data, mostly from different types of systems, transform it into a structure that is more appropriate for reporting and analysis and finally load it into the database or data warehouse for preparing different reports.


Ferret BI Suite’s Middleware Integration and ETL solution helps organizations to understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data, as well as collaborate to bridge the gap between the business & IT. Ferret provides capabilities for delivering data in real time to business applications using Extract Transform & Load (ETL) tools. Ferret’s main value prop is that it can prepare and blend raw data to create a complete picture of the organization. It can also extract and present actionable insights by providing “analytics ready” data to the end users from any source. Its visual tools can eliminate any coding & complexity and provides a single web based platform to view & analyze all reports.

Key Features

  • Graphical ETL tool to load and process big data sources
  • Rich library of pre-built components to access data from different sources
  • Visual interface to create meaningful metadata
  • Dynamic transformations using variables to determine field mappings
  • Cross Platform data Migration
  • Design Transformation Processes
  • Maintain traceability during platform migration
  • Provides web based reporting solutions
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