Ferret Bi Suite

LIKE AN AGILE FERRET BURROWING THROUGH LAYERS OF COMPLEX DATA TO UNEARTH GOLDEN NUGGETS OF INFORMATION VITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS, it is the combustion engine that literally helps you turn information gasoline into actionable insights that include – WHAT your customers want, WHO to target, WHEN to strike and HOW best to do it.


Our sophisticated BI Ferret tool helps you dig deeper into reports to bring meaning to every bit of collected data on your market and your customers.


We will play a proactive role in generating timely reports that are delivered straight to your designated team players’ inboxes. We make it possible for decision makers in organizations to confidently plan and make strategic business moves as they explore different dynamic markets.
Beyond just a BI platform, you plug on to an inexpensive third party consultant. We’re inquisitive ferrets – curious to know the needs and goals of your business, as you grow your business. It’s time you made sense of the rapid unending stream of raw facts and mine the nuggets of golden information needed to revolutionize your business.




  • Visual and prompt analysis, transformation and reporting of data from your business perspectives to meet your business
    needs and goals.
  • Customize user input preferences for easy report generation and smooth user experience
  • Customize report settings with configurable determinant values for intelligent outputs
  • Customize privacy limit settings to allow selected users access selected sections/ entire Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard
  • Convenient scheduling of intervals for report delivery to designated inboxes in various formats like PDF, XLS/ XLSX, TXT, CSV.
  • Get readily available reports for all users without any publishing/ deployment hassles
  • Carry out essential DWH Master Data Management via Portal


The BI Suite consists of the following tools:

  • Middleware Integration and ETL
  • Business Data Mapper
  • Report Designer
  • Report Viewer
  • Report Distribution Manager
  • Master Data Manager

Recognized files that can be processed in the data warehouse for extraction, transformation and loading (ETL):

  • TXT
  • CSV
  • XML
  • URL
  • Database table (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)

The backbone on which the BI Suite is built on:

  • SQL Server 2008
  • asp.net
  • JavaScript, JQuery
  • Java
  • HTML5, CSS
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